Key Details:

S.B. No. 1648 requires HHSC to allow a health care provider to enter a variable schedule into the electronic visit verification (EVV) system. HHSC EVV Operations released the variable schedule functionality in August 2022 for the EVV vendor systems (Vesta and AuthentiCare). Detailed information about schedules, schedule types, and the new functionality can be found in the EVV Policy Handbook sections 4600 Schedules and 4610 Schedule Types.

How This Impacts Providers:

Weekly Variable Schedules – Community First Health Plans allows Providers to track if service delivery occurs within a specific week and within a total number of scheduled hours for the week. Visits can occur on any day of the week, at any time, for any duration. Any visits that exceed the total scheduled hours for the week will not auto-verify.

Next Steps:

Providers should share this communication with their staff.


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